Magret De Pato Crudo Congelado +/- 440 grs



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Mulard Rougie Duck Magret, the best of French gastronomy.
Duck Magret of 450-550g totally raw that comes from French Mulard ducks raised and fattened with a diet that contains 100% vegetables, minerals and vitamins.

Mulard duck breast is different from Pekingese duck breast: it comes from a mulard duck raised and fattened for its foie gras. This aging method produces a tender, red, ripe meat typical of and enhanced by its flavorful fat.

Packaging and Weight
High vacuum packaging, 450grs-550grs.

Mulard duck magret, duck fat. Allergen free.

Duck meat has a high content of oleic acids, which makes it a very healthy meat.

Origin: France

To cook the duck magret in the best way, you must respect its juiciness and, above all, maintain a pink color inside the meat.
To pair it, being a fine cut of meat, magret deserves to be accompanied by a quality red wine.
It is an ideal meat in a salad or for a main course, sliced, or cured to make your own duck ham.


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